2018 Paris Residency "L'Ecole de Theremine" continues at the Gaite Lyrique



Harvard Gazette 18/09: Composer and Musicologist gives Theremin Lesson at Radcliffe


SOUNDTRACK commission for the Remake of "M - Eine Stadt Sucht Einen Moerder" by Fritz Lang - 6 part series for RTL Crime/ORF - directed by David Schalko. Cast: Udo Kier, Moritz Bleibtreu, Julia Stemberger - music: Dorit Chrysler - to be released: 2019



West Coast Theremin Residency in Oakland/Berkeley at OKSTEREO from Dec. 1st to Dec. 8th - Book your private or group Theremin Lesson with Dorit Chrysler


Theremin 100

The NY Theremin Society proudly announces the upcoming release of the Audio CD Sampler "Theremin 100" which commemorates the Theremin's 100th Birthday Festivities throughout 2019 - the CD features original Theremin Compositions by Theremin Artists Worldwide - featured artists: Gregoire Blanc, Hekla, Carolina Eyck, Lydia Kavina, Thorwald Jorgenson, Masami Takeuchi, Charles Draper, Bruce Woolley and many more.. The NY Theremin Society was co-founded in 2009 by Suzanne Fiol of Issue Project Room and Dorit Chrysler.


Additional DC Projects in 2018:  Continuous Collaboration with CERN "Music In Physics" in Sofia BULGARIA, at WOMAD Festival and with BrownUniversity for the Firewater Festival, Sheridan University WY Residency, NY REECE School in Spanish Harlem Residency, Ola Maciejewska Dance Company Music Consulting Residency, Node Festival (Concert & Workshops) plus concert, Guest Appearance at Gaite Lyrique with Philippe Quesnes' Moles (details here)

WOMAD July 27-29/ Season Opening at Schlachthaus Theater BERN - Residency /// Sept. 2018 Firewater Festival /// GaiteLyrique Paris Oct. 26-27 /// Theremin Residency in Oakland, CA, December 18th /// more Tourdetails



1 Year RESIDENCY at the GaiteLyrique in Paris /// Interview "Why You Should Open Your Mind To The Theremin" Moog Music 2017

RELEASES March 17:  Mute Records - Adult. "Detroit Houseguests" collaboration
ReIssue of "Best Of" by Dorit Chrysler on VINYL PlagDichNichtRecords - Feb. 2017
COLLABORATIONS/APPEARANCE/COMMISSIONS/RESIDENCY - WOMAD Festival in Collaboration with Cern, C/OPOP, Ars Electronica, CPH Jazzfestival, KEYNOTE Speaker at NiME'17, SteirischerHerbst Commission "Invisible Flames", Residency Villa Tereza.


INTERVIEW The Creators Project VICE - Get Inside The Mind Of A Theremin Master


DAME ELECTRIC was conceived by the NY/Austrian ComposerThereminist Dorit Chrysler, who was chosen to curate the 2016 Edition of Moving Sounds Festival for the NY Austrian Cultural Center. #Dame Electric" puts focus on Pioneer Female Performers In Analogue Electronic Music. In Addition to Concerts and Live Visual Performances in Venues across NYC, the six-day Festival included Workshops, panel discussions and a special screening of the extended Trailer for the upcoming documentary on legendary Pioneer Musician, Suzanne CIANI. "Dame Electric" featured the first Solo Buchla Performance of Suzanne Ciani in NY since 1973 - to a sold out audience at Brooklyn's Roulette.


POLYTHEREMIN: MOOG's April Fools Day Gift to the World (Wired)