proudly presents:


FRIDAY - January 4th, 2008

***The NY Theremin Society proudly presents:

* Theremin Composition Grants have been to awarded to IPR and the NY ThereminSociety: The following members who have received grants, ROB SCHWIMMER and DAVID SIMONS - will present their new works.

Special Guest Performance: DUET FOR THEREMIN & LAPSTEEL

Furthermore we present the screening of the two latest movie works by danish artist Jesper Just - featuring music composed by Dorit Chrysler.


Please note the new adress of IssueProject Room - 323 Third St., Brooklyn




FRIDAY - May 26th, 2007

***The NY Theremin Society proudly presents:

* Steve Martin, the maker of "THEREMIN, An Electric Odyssey" & the NY Theremin Society are co-producing a truly historic event to take place on May 26th at Los Angeles Disney Hall , recreating a 10 piece Theremin Orchestra, that took stage at Carnegie Hall in 1932. The Theremin Orchestra will be conducted by Steve Martin and features the following Thereminists: Dorit Chrysler, Roger Ballenger, Carolyna Eyck, Kevin Lee, Kento Oiwa, Armen Ra, Rob Schwimmer, Robby Virus, Dalit Warshaw & Lara Wickes. The Evening is part of the Series Shadow of Stalin produced by the LA Philharmonic Association and features also Amon Tobin & Dj Spooky that night. The Theremin Orchestra is to perform at 10pm. Dorit Chrysler will also perform with Amon Tobin. *** NyThereminSociety ***

FRIDAY - MARCH 16th, 2007

***The NY Theremin Society proudly presents new member performances:


*DUET for Theremin & Lapsteel*John HOGE* Kip ROSSER*Bruce TOVSKY*

Special Appearances by: Dorit CHRYSLER*Rob SCHWIMMER*Anthony PTAK*visuals: Bradley Eros and a special performance by the Theremin Orchestra to the theme of SYNAESTHESIA


at THE ISSUE PROJECT ROOM - 400 Carrol St., Brooklyn


SATURDAY - FEBRUARY 24th, 2007 - concert performance featuring 6 Thereminists & their duet partners- 8pm

*Elizabeth BROWN (Theremin) & Stefanie SKAFF (singer)* Dorit CHRYSLER & Rob SCHWIMMER (2 Theremins)* Michael EVANS (Theremin) & Andrea PARKINS (electric accordion/laptop) *Anthony PTAK (Theremin) & Nicolas COLLINS (electronics)* David SIMONS (Theremin) & Lisa KARRER (vocalist, performer, composer)

at THE ISSUE PROJECT ROOM - 400 Carrol St., Brooklyn


***The New York THEREMIN Society as part of the MOZART FESTIVAL in Vienna, Austria

SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 9th, 2006 - Vienna KONZERTHAUS, Vienna - Austria - 8pm

Pamelia Kurstin* Dorit Chrysler* Armen Ra*

also: Alex Hacke & Danielle dePiciotto, The Services and Baby Dee - an evening curated by Dorit Chrysler




SATURDAY - APRIL 8th, 2006 - concert performance featuring 9 Thereminists - 8pm

SUNDAY - APRIL 9th, 2006 - Panel Discussion with Participating Thereminists - 1pm

Jon Bernhardt (Lothars) * Elisabeth Brown * Dorit Chrysler * Michael Evans * Jen Hammaker * Rob Schwimmer * Dave Simons * Armen Ra * Anthony Ptak * solo performances followed by a joint improvisation


at THE ISSUE PROJECT ROOM - 400 Carrol St., Brooklyn




On December 2nd 2005 ISSUE Project Room and thereminist Dorit Chrysler presented the first in a series of performances of our newly annointed Theremin Summit, which focuses on the contribution of the theremin and the musicians who have devoted their careers to this instrument. The program emphasizes the varying approaches musicians bring to the theremin and the wide range of musical language it is capable of addressing. The initial performance event in the summit involved 5 thereminists whose aesthetics ranged from abstract experimentalist to classical to pop electronica. The idiosyncracy and virtuosity of these thereminists in performance together was so dazzling as to demonstrate the instrument's significance in 21st century musical culture. This innovative potential of the instrument and musicians was most prominently illustrated in a finale of collective improvisation---almost unheard of due to the nature of the instrument---a preview for what will become the NY Experimental Theremin Orchestra. Phase 2 brings in 3 new thereminists; Dalit Warshaw, Pamelia Kursten and Michael Evans, and sees the return of 4 of our original 5. The evening will feature solo sets duos, and collective improvisation.

8PM ...... $10

Participants in order of appearance:

Pamelia Kurstin * Dalit Wharshaw * Michael Evans * Dorit Chrysler * Dave Simons * Armen Ra * Anthony Ptak * followed by collaborations and a joint improvisation

at THE ISSUE PROJECT ROOM - 400 Carrol St., Brooklyn

The New York Theremin Society would like to serve as a platform for Thereminists and Theremin Lovers - to exchange, inspire & join forces!


***FRIDAY, DEC. 2nd 2005***

PART I of The Experimental Theremin Orchestra Series at the Issue Project Space

Photos & Soundbites

ISSUE Project Room and composer/musician Dorit Chrysler, best known for her theremin style, launch the new series of events based on investigating the sound and range of the theremin. As well, the series will ultimately create the Theremin Orchestra, an innovative ensemble of musicians who are composing new music for the theremin and who are interested in using the instrument in sound performances today.The first concert in the series takes place on Friday, December 2, 2005 at 8:00 pm and will feature solos and various theremin combinations by a wide-range of today's skilled theremin players, including Chrysler, Armin Ra, Anthony Ptak , David Simons and Rob Schwimmer. Invented 1919 by Russian electro physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations. Historically, the theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences in the early 19th century. Subsequently, it served as the basis form from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed. Although originally intended for classical music performance, the theremin instead found its success supplying 'eerie' background music for countless motion pictures. Whether that it is due to its unusual frequency and vibrato effects, or the challenge posed upon the player to master its technique, the theremin has never been a widely-played instrument. Yet today, among fields of electronic musicians, many more are rediscovering the potential of the theremin and exploring its complex and expressive sounds, pitches, movements, and gestures through various styles and media.